LIVE in the Lounge with GRB Band

20 Oct 2019

GRB Band will make their debut appearance here in the Bull on Sunday 20th October. This is guaranteed to be a great night as they will roll back the years and cover some of the classics! GRB BAND Set List: Police: So lonely Walking on the moon Every little thing she does is magic Synchronicity 2 Next to you When the world is running down Do do do Da da da Every breath you take Roxanne Message in a bottle Bowie: Let’s dance Boys keep swinging Ziggy Stardust Starman Rebel Rebel/Jean Genie Jam: Eton rifles Going underground Down in the tube station David Watts Strange town Start Others: Don Henley: Boys of summer Dirty laundry Men at Work: Who can it be now Tears for Fears: Shout Robert Palmer: Addicted to love Deacon Blue: Dignity Tom Petty: Free fallin

Other Events

Megan Black 'Wooden Woman' Launch Night

20 Sep 2019

On Friday the 20th of September Megan Black will be performing at the Black Bull Inn for the launch of her new single 'Wooden Woman'. Doors at 7pm. Tickets Support includes; Jen Ella and Stefan Clarkin. Megan Black is a young musician and vocalist from Livingston, Scotland. Megan’s musical influences tend to derive from 70’s blues rock and early jazz. Bringing this into the modern day, Megan tends to base her songs on her own experiences, political views, and what is currently present in the world at the moment. For example, Megan’s song ‘Fur Coat Queen’ which brought her into the top 10 for the BBC Singer Songwriter Award, is based around Megan familiarising herself more with her own sexuality and as a result of that, finding empowerment from other women – both in the music industry and in her day-to-day life. This helps for Megan to speak freely about her views regarding feminism and the LGBTQ+ community and brings a fresh view on an older style of music; connecting different generations of people and helping to create more awareness for important issues in today’s society. Along with musical influences, Megan also finds style inspiration from many different artists and tries to create more of a concept within her stage persona, taking away gender and a sense of familiarity, and focusing more on how she feels comfortable presenting herself. Jen Ella hails from traditional Irish music roots but in her music aims to capture blues and indie mellow folk singing about childhood, love, travel, friendship and lust. She has released two singles on major platforms called 'Butterflies' and 'Flawless' and plans to do an EP in the next few months. She spent her summer gigging around Edinburgh for the fringe Festival and Glasgow in various venues. Stefan Clarkin is from Livingston, currently residing in Edinburgh. A musician that experiments with musical styles. Stefan's style is a mixture of Indie folk with desert blues overtones, with various loops involved. Stefan has been travelling in the past but has decided to remain in Scotland and pursue his music as "There's nothing better than doing what you love, to a bunch of sound folk, who don't even ken your name, bliss".